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14: a txt msg pom.
his is r bunsn brnr bl%,
his hair lyk fe filings
W/ac/dc going thru.
I sit by him in kemistry,
my @oms split
wen he :-)s @ me.



14: a text message poem
his eyes are bunsen burner blue,
his hair like iron filings
with ac/dc going through.
I sit by him in chemistry,
it splits my atoms
when he smiles at me



© Julia Bird 2016. Reproduced by kind permission of the author.

Julia Bird

Julia says...
'It went all over the place, this poem – in a fresco on the Arts Council office wall, in a German text book, in this book about text linguistics.'

Born in Wiltshire, Julia Bird studied English at Reading University and now lives and works in London. She divides her time between the Poetry School and Jaybird Live Literature. 'Hannah and the Monk' was her first poetry collection, published by Salt in 2008. 'Twenty-Four Seven Blossom', her second, was published in 2013.