Poems to share


look closely and you’ll find them

in fields of patterned grasses
drafted by the hare

embroidered by the bluebells
through a wood

in scattered trails of blossom
stamped into the mud

scorched by heather-fire
across the moors

in looping snail-trails
scrawled on forest floors

scored across the sky
by screaming swifts

in rolling, twisting peaks
of drifting mountain mist

scribbled by an ocean
on the sand

look closely: you will see
and understand



Copyright Matthew Goodfellow 2016. Reproduced by kind permission of the author.

Matt Goodfellow

Matt Goodfellow is a poet and primary school teacher from Manchester. He has had poems published in magazines and anthologies worldwide and recently released his acclaimed debut collection, Carry Me Away. He spends half his week as a teacher - and the other half touring the UK, visiting schools, libraries and festivals to deliver high-energy, fun-filled poetry performances and workshops.

"I think that often in our very busy lives, we miss messages; the kind of subtle messages that have been sent since the dawn of time, yet get hidden beneath the rumble of tarmac and the ticking of the clock. If we listen carefully, find some time and space and really allow ourselves to tune in, those messages can come through and speak to us. Try it for yourself."