Poems to share


Pop to the butchers for some meat.
Get my feet back on the street.

A magazine and six farm eggs,
Plus the chance to stretch my legs.

Maybe choose a chunk of cheese,
feel fresh life brought on the breeze.

Milk and yoghurt, tub of cream.
Drift and dawdle and daydream.

Washing liquid, food for the cats.
A time for smiles and little chats.

Some biscuits and a loaf of bread
feel the sun and clear my head.

In the chemist buy some tissues
and discuss the local issues.
Shall I buy some more shampoo?
Oh hi, good morning, how d’you do?

Treat myself to perfumed soap?
nod to sad lady, helps her cope.

Message to self:
take the time to wander,
to smile, and laugh and talk and ponder.
Take time to wonder, and to see
Take time to breathe the air.
Take time to be.



Copyright Michaela Morgan 2016. Reproduced by kind permission of the author.

Michaela Morgan

Michaela says...
"In Scotland, ‘Messages’ is another word for ‘shopping’ or ‘errands. So someone setting out with a shopping list would have a list of messages…
There was a time when people would go out and walk to the shops (not a supermarket) and they’d have a list and on the way they would meet people and chat. So this poem is a message from history."

Michaela Morgan is an award-winning author and has written many popular books for children. Her work includes junior fiction, picture books, poetry and non-fiction and makes up more than 140 titles published internationally.