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I remember Stonehenge
in the days where you could still
get close to the stones.
I remember being there, seeing their bulk
and feeling their solid substance.
It was the past brought close,
I could hear the tick of time,
the heartbeat of history.

If only the stones were transmitters,
they could broadcast their story,
answer the ‘whys’ of Stonehenge,
why Salisbury Plain gained
such a monument, why it was built,
was it temple or tomb?

It only we could summon solutions
from the sky, the clouds, the hills,
from those witnesses to the march
of these monoliths, to their positioning
and their raising.

And if only we knew who built this circle,
who mourned the winter sun
as the solstice darkened the day.
Did they ever imagine the puzzle
they were leaving behind?

And I wonder again at the thread
between present and past,
at all those who have stood
by these stones, hoping to hear
some sort of message
to the living from the dead,
so one of history’s mysteries
might be solved at last.



Copyright Brian Moses 2016. Reproduced by kind permission of the author.

Brian Moses

National Poetry Day Ambassador, Brian Moses says...

"I wrote my poem 'Stonehenge' after looking through an old photograph album from my teenage years. The photos showed us walking amongst the stones and posing for pictures. Nowadays the stones can only be glimpsed from afar and I felt pleased that I'd actually had a 'hands on' experience of Stonehenge. I did indeed feel the pull of the past and feel convinced that there is a message locked into the stones that will one day be revealed."

Brian Moses lives in the small Sussex village of Burwash with his wife Anne, and a loopy labrador called Honey. He has been a professional children’s poet since 1988. Brian has visited thousands of schools and libraries across the UK to run writing workshops and perform his own poetry and percussion shows. He is also founder & co-director of a national scheme for able young writers administered by his booking agency Authors Abroad. Brian’s most recent books are; Spooky Poems (co-written with James Carter), a picture book The Frog Olympics and his childhood memoir Keeping Clear of Paradise Street, all published in 2015.