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The Loch Ness Monster’s Song

Hnwhuffl hhnnwfl hnfl hfl?
Gdroblboblhobngbl gbl gl g g g g glbgl.
Drublhaflablhaflubhafgabhaflhafl fl fl –
gm grawwwww grf grawf awfgm graw gm.
Hovoplodok – doplodovok – plovodokot-doplodokosh?
Splgraw fok fok splgrafhatchgabrlgabrl fok splfok!
Zgra kra gka fok!
Grof grawff gahf?
Gombl mbl bl –
blm plm,
blm plm,
blm plm,

Published in ‘From Glasgow to Saturn’ (Carcanet, 1973). Reprinted by permission of Carcanet Press.

Edwin Morgan

Edwin George Morgan was born in Glasgow's West End and would later become Glasgow's first Poet Laureate, in 1999. Both, readers and critics have always been struck by the great variety in style, form and subject Morgan's work provides. He has translated poetry from the Russian, Hungarian, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and other languages. In 2000, Morgan was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry and In 2001 he received the prestigious Weidenfeld Prize for Translation.